Rest in Peace, Frank, A Great Man for St. Pancras.

Frank Dobson

Frank Dobson’s gone. He passed away this week and will be remembered by most for his work as Secretary of State for Health, a role in which he was instrumental in securing the funding to expand and enhance the NHS.  

For those that knew him personally he was a special, gentle man, a true gentleman in the full sense of the word. He used to hold surgeries in my office when I was based in Maiden Lane and would regularly phone his wife before leaving. The calls were incredibly tender and so very caring. Maureen Hall knew him through his links with the London Mayor’s office and through her husband, who knew Frank well.

“A lovely man” was their simple summary.   

Local councillor Roger Robinson came up with a very similar “Wonderful man, wonderful comrade”.

As a constituency M.P, he showed enormous care, concern and efficency. Jeanette Smith told me how he had helped her with her housing issues in St Pancras. “ Frank and his team really helped me and got everything fixed in a day. He was a hard working MP and will be missed” she said.

Wherever you look, whoever you ask, there are good things to be seen and good  things to be heard about Frank Dobson.  Rest in peace Frank, and thank you for everything you did for St Pancras and its community. Thank you  for inspiring us way back when, and for continuing to inspire us today, even though you are gone. You made…and you make…. our dreams come true. .

Graham Cobb.

Director, St Pancras Community Association, 2014-date       Manager, Maiden Lane Community Association, 1995-2000. 

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