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Recent feedback Jan 2019

Dear SPCA,
I wanted to thank you for the excellent fencing class – my six-year-old son enjoys it thoroughly and it has given him a lot in terms of skills and general physical ability, possibly also making him a little more patient too!

Why join in the Fencefitt Fencing classes?

Fencefitt is an organisation dedicated to changing young lives through sport. The aim of the sessions are to introduce a new demographic into fencing, through 1 hour sessions of basics. For many, Fencing is a sport that they have never tried, due to factors such as cost, environment or lack of availability. These sessions give children the chance to try something new, with the hopes that they will sign up for future regular low cost classes.

Fencing is a fun, energetic sport that has been popular throughout history. It is very action packed and full of variety. It is a great way for children to forge friendships, gain confidence and learn discipline.

What is involved in the session?

Each week, the children are taught 1 hour of basic fencing skills which they put to the test in fun friendly matches at the end of each class. Each session encourages physical activity, teamwork, leadership and creativity, all factors associated with both mental and physical wellbeing. The Fencefitt sessions provide a safe environment for children to try something new, socialise, release stress and most importantly have fun.

How will I or my child benefit from attending the sessions?

Fencing is a great way for children to keep fit by improving their stamina, reflexes and strength. It is a sport that demands not only physical strength but also intelligence, and is all about figuring out how your opponent thinks. The sport itself has many benefits such as increased focus of emotions, discipline and respect, increased confidence and better mental agility; all skills that lead to free development of one’s personality.

One of the biggest benefits your child will appreciate is the ability to make friends.  Fencing bridges the gap between age differences, sexes, size, and ethnicity – opening the door to a network of friends that might not have been available through everyday venues such as school.  This will give your kids exposure to many different types of personalities and experiences they might not have otherwise faced.

Event Timeslots (1)

£10 per month. 5-10 year olds

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