Gillian Hill: An Inspiration

We all know people who have inspired us and for me, Gillian was one of those. In fact, she inspired many of us. Half of Camden’s voluntary sector knew Gillian and we were so sad to hear of her passing. That half includes many here at St Pancras Community Association, where she was a trustee for many, many years.  She was  determined, honest, sincere and loving.  She could be trusted with confidences. She could amuse us with her wit.  She could (and did) freely offer expertise on the voluntary sector, on disability and on humanity….she really understood people.

Gillian kept our spirits up when we thought life was difficult. She showed us that it’s possible….no, she showed that it’s compulsory…. to live life to the full, even when you’ve lost a leg, your health is poor and your age is advanced.

Gillian Hill, thank you for a life well lived.

Graham Cobb , Director St Pancras Community Association

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