Not only have I made friends but I have a reason to get out of the house and have some fun...

SPCA Community Assistance Programme

Are you over 60 or know someone who is and feeling isolated and/or in need or telephone assistance, or help with shopping or picking up prescriptions?

Then you are welcome to join our SPCA Community Assistance Programme.

We can also provide activity packs, craft materials or referral to other agencies or just a regular chat over the phone.

Please contact Jane on 020 7380 1501 or email



We are slowly re-introducing activities for people over 60 in our Golden Years program. Please see any upcoming activities below and contact Jane for the latest information at


Most of our activities are free or low cost. 
Nosh ‘n Natter (£3.50)
Relax with Art 
Zoom Social Group 
Art History
Digital drop in – learn to use IT and social media
Gardening group
History Talks  
Saturday cafe coffee and cake (monthly)
Sunday Pub Lunch (monthly)
Group telephone chats 
Annual holiday
Day trips
Weekly telephone chats
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