Not only have I made friends but I have a reason to get out of the house and have some fun...

We have activities during the week for people over 60. Take a look at the activities available and drop-in if you’d like to get involved.

Monday, 10.30am ‐ 1pm

Wednesday, 10:30am - 1pm

Join us for soup in the winter and sandwiches in the summer. We also serve tea and coffee.

Small fee of £3

Wednesdays 11-12pm

Led by a music teacher from the Mary Ward Centre and aimed at anybody who fancies a song. Singing sessions are in Mary Ward term times only, resuming late September. Call 020 7380 1501 for the exact date.


Monday 11:30-12:30

Boccia is like bowls but it's played while sitting down, so suits people who have limited mobility. We have regular Monday games among ourselves and also join in a league against other community centre's teams. There's no fee.

Monday 2pm-4pm

The only fee is your stake money and if you win that back in prizes, you're quids in.

Serious knitters are welcome but this is also a great chance to share a tea and a natter with other people. About half of our regulars are 'of a certain age' but we welcome people of all ages, making the knitting sessions a good place to link the generations.

We meet on Thursdays from 10am-12pm and many people just drop in for part of this time.


We are ageing better

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