Photo Exhibition at SPCA 20th Aug – 2nd Sept

Who are you? Moments from a primate sanctuary.

How do you recognize one monkey from another? What happens when a new hairy member is born in the group? How deep in us are the things we share with our tailed relatives?

Who are you? Moments from a primate sanctuary photo exhibition showcases monkeys from a South African primate sanctuary and tells a story of identity, remembering and belonging through diary texts of their photographer Anne Heinonen.

“The faces of capuchin monkeys fascinate and haunt me. When I close my eyes, I see capuchins. Faces, moles, eyes. It took many weeks to notice Lisas tattered ear, the white spot at Lushs hairline, many months to see the mark on Marks left cheek. Would I still recognize them two years later? Why would they be forgotten faster than humans?”

Monkeyland is a fenced forest area where hundreds of primates roam free. The primates have lived in captivity before: in zoos, in private homes, in laboratories. In the forest they can learn to be primates again.

Anne Heinonen volunteered in the sanctuary for eight months. In addition to other volunteer work she had a project to photograph capuchin monkeys’ faces and identify them with the help of the primate keepers. She spent a lot of time with the monkeys in the forest and was astonished by how easily she could recognize herself in the monkeys’ behaviour.

Who are you? exhibition has previously been shown in several cities in Finland.

Photo exhibition is open 20.8.-2.9.2019. Free entry.

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