Why are we doing this?
These workshops help educate and show parents and children about healthy eating, quick meals,
eating on a budget, getting them to taste dishes they are unfamiliar with, to provide tips
and nutritional advice on making healthy meals, sharing recipes and dishes, increasing parent
interaction in making meals especially food from other cultures.

What are the benefits?
Increasing healthy eating practices, many report their children are now experimenting more and
eating or trying food they would not normally eat.  They have learnt new recipes and many have tried
them at home and reported back.  It helps different parents and children connect with each other,
producing new friendships, reducing isolation which will help to reduce low mood and depression by
boosting their mental health and wellbeing.  Most of all it increases community spirit!

How does it work?
All session are aimed to be informal and relaxed, although some will have a focus topic e.g. 5 a day /
Eat a Rainbow message, food labelling, some sessions will be parent led with a parent demonstrating
how to make a dish from their culture or quick snacks and herbal teal tasters provided by the Lead
Advisor to incite discussion about some health issues female issues, emotional eating.  At the end of
sessions, children who have participated in a dance workshop will also try food or drink made.

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