Healthy Eating Week – How We Got On

Are you ready to transform your body from the inside out?  Health is Wealth Breakfast is vital in replenishing your body with essential nutrients to maintain your energy levels and kickstart your day. Whilst sleeping your body has been in a fasting ...


Gillian Hill: An Inspiration

We all know people who have inspired us and for me, Gillian was one of those. In fact, she inspired many of us. Half of Camden’s voluntary sector knew Gillian and we were so sad to hear of her passing. That half includes many here at St Pancras Community ...


Great work by Good Gym

Volunteers from the Good Gym worked hard by floodlight to clear the garden space, and more at SPCA on Wednesday 7th November. We can't thank you enough for your efforts and all the fantastic work you do. Read the full story.


A busy day filming at SPCA

We've had an exciting and full day hosting a Channel 4 film production crew here at SPCA. Dozens of actors, actresses and extras getting dressed up and ready for their part in the film.


Festival Fun in July

Our annual community festival was held here at SPCA on Saturday 7 July. We estimate approximately 700 people turned up which is a fantastic turn out, thanks to everyone who helped the day run smoothly and ensure everyone had a great time. If you'd like to ...